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So...I guess I should do something with this. I really didn't intend to just dump it all and wander off, but that's what happens when you're fleeing on a moment's notice and then your computer goes down for four months.

Those who know me will know that is a more common occurance than it should be.

But that's the thing: nobody knows me here. I literally don't have any friends on this journal yet. But it feels like my old Livejournal, my old internet home-base that I've had since 2003. But it's not. There's a part of me that feels like this should be an official Introduction Post, while another part of me is thinking, "That's ridiculous. This is your place. Your entire history is here."

It doesn't help that I wasn't planning on adding anymore people to my LJ, either. I had more or less accepted the fact that LJ was dead, but I was content to be there, safe being a Friends Lock, where I could post my private thoughts and writing snippets and the only people who would see it were those who'd known me for years and years. But now that I've decided that I'm not okay with this gathering dust, I'm also not okay with being alone.

So. Wanna be friends?

What we can expect here: Well, towards the end of LJ I was posting a lot of week-in-review posts just to keep it going, so I'll probably be doing some version of that. (It might not be exactly once a week, though, since my routine has changed.) I also post a lot through Camp NaNo in March/April and NaNoWriMo in October/November, so you'll see a lot of my writing stuff then. (That's the main reason the place is Friends Locked.) There will also be snippets of my regular life, updates on my beloeved Memphis Grizzlies and probably a lot of politics talk, since that's what's taken over my Twitter in the last 8 months. (Super liberal Democrat/SJW here, but I'm not looking for a fight.)

If that's a ride you wanna come on, then comment below.


(I'm gonna have to get some new icons and update my profile at some point.)
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I finally finished my first batch of character profiles! Here are my six main-main characters, River City's rookie heroes.
(Note: the Aliases and Affiliations happen in-story, while the histories stop before the start of the story.)
ETA: Okay, apparently LJ can't handle all this awesomeness in one post, so here are the first five, and the last will follow shortly.

Drake Douglas )

Jessa Johnson )

Elliot Beck )

Hannah Sayers )

Chloe Ruiz )
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01-11: The Americans
12-24: Graceland
25-39: The Bridge
40-57: Orphan Black

Teasers: The Americans- Paige photo Paige_zpsuvxlhqc5.png The Bridge- Marco photo Marco_zpsim4cg128.png Orphan Black- Helena 5 photo Helena3_zpsyvr6nppa.png

bad girls do it well )

Pic Sources: Google Images, The Americans Wiki, Graceland Wiki, Orphan Black Wiki
Please credit if taking!
Comments are always appreciated!

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01-16: Corbin Bleu
17-34: Jessica Lee Rose
35-52: Mary Kate Wiles
53-74: Jessy Schram

Teasers: Corbin- Car photo Car_zpsa5c33d90.png Mary Kate- Dress photo Dress_zps523b52a5.png Jessy- Hands 5 photo Hands_zps12695a02.png

you sing to me over and over again )

-Pic Sources: Just Jessy Schram, LGPedia, Listal
-Comments are love!
-Credit if taking!

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001-011: Maxwell Glick
012-023: Jackson Davis
024-036: Quvenzhane Wallis
037-050: Linus Roache
051-065: Coby Bell
066-082: Derek Luke
083-103: Miranda Cosgrove

Teasers: Maxwell- Headshot photo Headshot2_zpsee3ba4ed.png Coby- Black & White photo BlackWhite3_zpsaccb619a.png Miranda- Shorts 5 photo Shorts3_zps2c00509c.png

hopes can fail and dreams can fade )

~Pic Sources: Star Quality, Google Images, Miranda-Cosgrove.Us, Listal
~Comments are love!
~Credit if you snag!

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001-004: Shadia Simmons
005-016: Crystal Young
017-028: Jeffrey Donovan
029-042: Saoirse Ronan
043-058: Kristy Wu
059-075: Daniel Radcliffe
076-093: Kristen Bell
094-113: Abigail Breslin

Teasers: Shadia- Portrait 2 photo Portrait_zps50694fc3.png Kristy- Staircase 4 photo Staircase2_zps0eabb61c.png Abigail- Coat 2 photo Coat3_zpsd0ac261c.png

I can hear the echoes of the past )

~Pic Sources: Fabulous Abigail Breslin, Saoirse Ronan Fan, DanRadcliffeGallery.com, danielradcliffe.com, LGPedia, Kristen Bell Online, Teen Idols 4 You
~Comments are love!
~Credit if you snag!

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For being on a deserted island, Gilligan and the other castaways sure got a lot of visitors. Some of them arrived by accident, while others didn't. Some were friendly, while others weren't. But many of them were memorable.

Note )

10-1 )

Honorable Mentions )

As always, this is just my opinion. I know there are some I left off that might be missed. Comment and let me know what your favorites are!

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01-12: Gilligan's Island
13-27: Burn Notice
28-46: Veronica Mars

Teasers: Gilligan's Island- Gilligan and Teddy photo GilliganTeddy_zpsf48c5f7d.png Burn Notice- Michael 4 photo Michael4_zps342a6055.png Veronica 4 photo Veronica3_zpsc8c349df.png

a tale of a fateful trip )

~Pic Sources: FanPop, Burn Notice Fan Blog, Sitcoms Online, Uncharted Desert Isle, VM Caps.Com
~Comment are love!
~Please credit if taking!

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Who's got two thumbs and got all her Spring Cleaning done in one day? THIS GIRL. Okay, I confess, it was just my room, but considering how long it's been since I did a good clean, it's still pretty impressive.

So now I have some time to finally post these icons I made a few days ago.

01-07: The Muppets (2011)
08-20: Kim Possible
21-34: Tangled
35-52: Brave

Teasers: The Muppets- Studios 2 photo Studios_zpsd7015def.png Tangled- Lights 2 photo Lights_zpsb31b3201.png Brave- Merida 6 photo Merida3_zpscf34746e.png

someone please watch over me... )

~Pic Sources: FanPop, Google Images, Kim Possible Wiki, Muppet Wiki
~Y'all know I love comments!
~Please credit if you use!

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Hey guys remember how once every couple of decades I make some icons?

1-11: Sofia Vassilieva
12-26: Paula Patton
27-41: Alison Lohman
42-60: Michelle Rodriguez

Teasers: Sofia- Collar photo Collar_zpse82ea4c0.png Alison- Porch photo Porch2_zps42bb39f4.png Michelle- Jeans 5 photo Jeans_zps20a89f8d.png

she don't live here anymore )

~Pic Sources: Michelle-Rodriguez.com, Google Images, Teen Idols 4 You
~I always love comments!
~Please credit if you snag!

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So I made an icon journal! Two, actually. There's one on InsaneJournal (here) and one on DreamWidth (here). They're already on my sidebar, too. I didn't make one on LJ because LJ is so dead, and I'm gonna keep posting them here anyway.

So. I'm gonna go try to catch up on "Welcome to NightVale" because everybody's talking about it, so I wanna give it a shot.

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Icons! Keep in mind that these are the first ones I've made on the PC instead of making them on my laptop and transferring over. So if they're a bit off from my previous work, that's probably due to the monitor making things look different on this computer. (In particular, I don't think the You've Got Mail icons are my best, but that could also be due to the limited pictures I had to work with.)

1-8: You've Got Mail
9-17: Wimbledon
18-32: Zombieland
33-57: The Hunger Games

Teasers: You've Got Mail- Cafe 2 photo Cafe2_zpsfe98e111.png Zombieland- Columbus photo Columbus2_zps1232262a.png The Hunger Games- Prim 3 photo Prim6_zps532c426e.png

no one really knows you )

-Pic sources: HotFlick.net, Fanpop, Down With The Capitol, Lucy Who
-Comments are always appreciated!
-Please credit if taking!

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So...there's a new update page. I...I think I like it. I like that there's a formatting button for colors, and now apparently you can do Spoilers without using a cut, which is awesome. And you can post pics straight from your computer? That's cool. And being able to see your icons in a drop-down is nice, but not really necessary. (I don't like not being able to see my mood icons. That's not cool.)

And...apparently you can Select tags from an alphabetized drop-down menu. Holy crap.

Guys...this might not suck. This might be good. I don't know how I feel about that. It's...surprising.

Unrelated: NaNoNovel voting here if you haven't already.

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This was a son of a bitch to narrow down to 13, let me tell you.

Tonight's Winner is... )

The rest of us... )

As always, this is just my opinion, and, as stated above, I know there is plenty of genius stuff that I had to leave out. Comment with your opinions!

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Yep, I still do this. No, I do not apologize for the ridiculous amount of Robert Downey, Jr. in this batch.

1-11: Iron Man
12-29: crazy/beautiful
30-48: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
49-70: Iron Man 2

Teasers: Iron Man- Mark One Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- Harmony 4 Iron Man 2- Black Widow 6

questions of science/science and progress )

~Pic sources: HotFlick, FanPop
~Please comment!
~Please credit if taking!
~I take requests!


ETA: Apparently, this was the 100th use of my icons tag. I feel kind of proud of that. In an incredibly nerdy way.
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Note )

10-1 )

Honorable Mention )

As always, these are just my opinions! Please comment and share yours!

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Hey, I like making icons. Can you tell?

1-10: Kat Dennings
11-21: Hayden Panettiere
22-33: Emma Stone
34-46: Natalie Portman
47-60: Emma Watson

Teasers: Kat- Seated Emma Stone- Window Emma Watson- Arms 4

hey, now, you're a rockstar )

~Pic Credits: Kat Dennings Online, HaydenImages.Com, Natalie-Portman.Org, Emma Stone Web, Emma-Watson.Net
~Please Credit if taking!
~Please Comment!

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1-8: Memphis Beat (RIP, Memphis Beat. You were a cute little show.)
9-22: Sons of Anarchy
28:38: iCarly
39-55: Leverage

Teasers: Memphis Beat- Car 3 iCarly- Cowgirls 2 Leverage- Elliot 5

scribbled out the truth with their lies )

~Pic Credits: Leverage HQ, Fanpop
~Please credit if taking!
~Please comment!

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I hope each of you has fun, safe, joyful day filled with love, and lots of good food.



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