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01-11: The Americans
12-24: Graceland
25-39: The Bridge
40-57: Orphan Black

Teasers: The Americans- Paige photo Paige_zpsuvxlhqc5.png The Bridge- Marco photo Marco_zpsim4cg128.png Orphan Black- Helena 5 photo Helena3_zpsyvr6nppa.png

01.)The Americans- Paige photo Paige_zpsuvxlhqc5.png 02.)The Americans- Elizabeth photo Elizabeth_zpsjb8oyvbc.png 03.)The Americans- Elizabeth 2 photo Elizabeth2_zps5ptd827x.png 04.)The Americans- Philip & Elizabeth photo PhilipElizabeth2_zpsyfkdauuf.png
05.)The Americans- Philip & Elizabeth 2 photo PhilipElizabeth_zpsamqcfnoi.png 06.)The Americans- Elizabeth- Kitchen photo ElizabethKitchen_zpsvdxypmsp.png 07.)The Americans- Elizabeth- Kitchen 2 photo ElizabethKitchen2_zpsb73axj1s.png 08.)The Americans- Elizabeth- Kitchen 3 photo ElizabethKitchen3_zpsqs4kxxxw.png
09.)The Americans- Nina photo Nina3_zpsl6gi4mlu.png 10.)The Americans- Nina 2 photo Nina_zpsmn94pxa0.png 11.)The Americans- Nina 3 photo Nina2_zpsox9gwhg4.png
12.)Graceland- Johnny photo Johnny_zps03fkowtu.png 13.)Graceland- Mike photo Mike_zpsosw5xzp4.png 14.)Graceland- Paige photo Paige2_zpsnbjakte3.png 15.)Graceland- Paige 2 photo Paige_zpsvmt3cvdf.png
16.)Graceland- Briggs photo Briggs3_zpskcgmgupq.png 17.)Graceland- Briggs 2 photo Briggs_zpsrjsvz3op.png 18.)Graceland- Briggs 3 photo Briggs2_zpsb3jmny8r.png 19.)Graceland- Briggs 4 photo Briggs4_zps6m0kdzrb.png
20.)Graceland- Charlie photo Charlie3_zpsosgp36cj.png 21.)Graceland- Charlie 2 photo Charlie4_zpsrhxcgyvf.png 22.)Graceland- Charlie 3 photo Charlie5_zpsplft9ql3.png 23.)Graceland- Charlie 4 photo Charlie2_zps0xhynwxd.png
24.)Graceland- Charlie 5 photo Charlie_zpsblphjtna.png
25.)The Bridge- Steven photo Steven2_zpskhmada2z.png 26.)The Bridge- Steven 2 photo Steven_zpsteljqlpm.png 27.)The Bridge- Daniel photo Daniel_zpsh3jpv3eq.png 28.)The Bridge- Daniel 2 photo Daniel2_zpsgmbrmusk.png
29.)The Bridge- Daniel 3 photo Daniel3_zpsxlyyzzae.png 30.)The Bridge- Marco photo Marco_zpsim4cg128.png 31.)The Bridge- Marco 2 photo Marco2_zpsrlcsv7y5.png 32.)The Bridge- Marco 3 photo Marco3_zpsbhqzdpkx.png
33.)The Bridge- Sonya & Marco photo SonyaMarco3_zpsyzwjp1ed.png 34.)The Bridge- Sonya & Marco 2 photo SonyaMarco2_zpstjmofsvz.png 35.)The Bridge- Sonya & Marco 3 photo SonyaMarco_zps8weaiwfm.png 36.)The Bridge- Eleanor photo Eleanor4_zps27ked96o.png
37.)The Bridge- Eleanor 2 photo Eleanor3_zpsaoljbtu9.png 38.)The Bridge- Eleanor 3 photo Eleanor_zps5w7oitoy.png 39.)The Bridge- Eleanor 4 photo Eleanor2_zps4en5yqcx.png
40.)Orphan Black- Kira & Cosima photo KiraCosima2_zpsdeuducgf.png 41.)Orphan Black- Kira & Cosima 2 photo KiraCosima_zpstjyu1yg3.png 42.)Orphan Black- Sarah photo Sarah3_zpsi0wwbwfk.png 43.)Orphan Black- Sarah 2 photo Sarah_zpsjsinhvob.png
44.)Orphan Black- Sarah 3 photo Sarah2_zpslm2hbqgl.png 45.)Orphan Black- Sarah- Rain photo SarahRain_zpsteqqhajn.png 46.)Orphan Black- Sarah- Rain 2 photo SarahRain2_zps3cz4stgc.png 47.)Orphan Black- Sarah- Rain 3 photo SarahRain3_zpsa2et1t5e.png
48.)Orphan Black- Felix photo Felix4_zpspxcdjf6q.png 49.)Orphan Black- Felix 2 photo Felix_zpsi5j2jufl.png 50.)Orphan Black- Felix 3 photo Felix2_zpswbfpptll.png 51.)Orphan Black- Felix 4 photo Felix3_zpsyjuddckn.png
52.)Orphan Black- Helena photo Helena_zpsoeysvkcj.png 53.)Orphan Black- Helena 2 photo Helena5_zpsxbig5s26.png 54.)Orphan Black- Helena 3 photo Helena6_zpsqsflj4ri.png 55.)Orphan Black- Helena 4 photo Helena2_zps0w4iko8h.png
56.)Orphan Black- Helena 5 photo Helena3_zpsyvr6nppa.png 57.)Orphan Black- Helena 6 photo Helena4_zpsa2umc3e5.png

Pic Sources: Google Images, The Americans Wiki, Graceland Wiki, Orphan Black Wiki
Please credit if taking!
Comments are always appreciated!

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