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01-16: Corbin Bleu
17-34: Jessica Lee Rose
35-52: Mary Kate Wiles
53-74: Jessy Schram

Teasers: Corbin- Car photo Car_zpsa5c33d90.png Mary Kate- Dress photo Dress_zps523b52a5.png Jessy- Hands 5 photo Hands_zps12695a02.png

you sing to me over and over again )

-Pic Sources: Just Jessy Schram, LGPedia, Listal
-Comments are love!
-Credit if taking!

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001-004: Shadia Simmons
005-016: Crystal Young
017-028: Jeffrey Donovan
029-042: Saoirse Ronan
043-058: Kristy Wu
059-075: Daniel Radcliffe
076-093: Kristen Bell
094-113: Abigail Breslin

Teasers: Shadia- Portrait 2 photo Portrait_zps50694fc3.png Kristy- Staircase 4 photo Staircase2_zps0eabb61c.png Abigail- Coat 2 photo Coat3_zpsd0ac261c.png

I can hear the echoes of the past )

~Pic Sources: Fabulous Abigail Breslin, Saoirse Ronan Fan, DanRadcliffeGallery.com, danielradcliffe.com, LGPedia, Kristen Bell Online, Teen Idols 4 You
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Hey guys remember how once every couple of decades I make some icons?

1-11: Sofia Vassilieva
12-26: Paula Patton
27-41: Alison Lohman
42-60: Michelle Rodriguez

Teasers: Sofia- Collar photo Collar_zpse82ea4c0.png Alison- Porch photo Porch2_zps42bb39f4.png Michelle- Jeans 5 photo Jeans_zps20a89f8d.png

she don't live here anymore )

~Pic Sources: Michelle-Rodriguez.com, Google Images, Teen Idols 4 You
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~Please credit if you snag!

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I've missed making icons. Can you tell?

1-8: Selena Gomez
9-21: Jessica Rose
22-34: Kimberly Williams-Paisley
35-48: Mandy Moore
49-62: Abigail Breslin
63-76: Miranda Cosgrove
77-96: Taylor Swift

Teasers: Selena- Couch Mandy- Hair 2 Taylor- Dark 2

I've clearly forgotten my roots, because this is not dial-up friendly )

-Pic Credits: Moore Central, www.taylorpictures.net, Selena Web, Fabulous Abigail Breslin, marvelous-miranda.com, Kimberly Williams Web, Fanpop
-Comments are love!
-Please credit if taking!

More coming soon!

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That's right, another one. Because redheads are beautiful and far too under-represented in Hollywood.

Notes )

10-1 )

Honorable Mentions )
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1-3 was pretty easy. The rest...well, let's just say that I fully expect someone to disagree with me.

The notes don't really apply here, either, so I'll leave them out and get straight to the good stuff.

The List )

As always, this is only my (highly uncultured) OPINION. Please, comment and let me know what you think.

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Part One (the guys) here. I'm not that thrilled with my descriptions in this part, but...whatever.

The List )

Honorable Mention )

Keep in mind, this is all my (highly uncultured) OPINION. I've only seen so many movies.

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As promised- icons!

1-9: Amanda Seyfried
10-19: Danielle Panabaker
20-31: Kay Panabaker
32-43: Miley Cyrus

Teasers: Actresses,icons Actresses,icons,Kay Panabaker Actresses,icons,Miley Cyrus

you don't need the money when you look like that, do you, honey? )

~Pic credits: Kay-Cafe, Totally Kay, Danielle Panabaker Net, Miley Fans, Amanda Seyfried Fan
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~I take requests!

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More icons. I can feel your excitement!

36 Total
1-8: Alison Lohman
9-16: Mandy Moore
17-26: Danielle Panabaker
27-36: Kristen Bell

Teasers: Alison- White Danielle- Bright Kristen- Corner

little bit possessive/little miss obsessive )

~Pic credits: a-lohman.com, daniellepanabaker.net, petitebell.org, mandyeffect.com, moore-central.net
~Comment if you like!
~Credit if you take!
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(ScriptFrenzy ideas. Please vote!)

I think I'm gonna try my new idea for "Thief," because I am bored out of my freakin' skull, and I have to write something soon or I'm gonna do something really unpleasant.

But first I'm gonna go back to Photobucket and see if it'll let me tag these icons, because I know my Tag list is not empty like the little pop-up thing so adamently told me.

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More icons! (What? Like I have anything else to do? *shrug*)

31 Lonelygirl15 Behind The Scenes Icons

Teasers: icons,LG15 icons,LG15,Jessica Rose icons,LG15,Jackson Davis,Alexandra Dreyfus

(A cut as fake as Sarah's loyalty)

The usual: Please comment, please credit.


PS: ScriptFrenzy ideas. Go vote!


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