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01-16: Corbin Bleu
17-34: Jessica Lee Rose
35-52: Mary Kate Wiles
53-74: Jessy Schram

Teasers: Corbin- Car photo Car_zpsa5c33d90.png Mary Kate- Dress photo Dress_zps523b52a5.png Jessy- Hands 5 photo Hands_zps12695a02.png

you sing to me over and over again )

-Pic Sources: Just Jessy Schram, LGPedia, Listal
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001-011: Maxwell Glick
012-023: Jackson Davis
024-036: Quvenzhane Wallis
037-050: Linus Roache
051-065: Coby Bell
066-082: Derek Luke
083-103: Miranda Cosgrove

Teasers: Maxwell- Headshot photo Headshot2_zpsee3ba4ed.png Coby- Black & White photo BlackWhite3_zpsaccb619a.png Miranda- Shorts 5 photo Shorts3_zps2c00509c.png

hopes can fail and dreams can fade )

~Pic Sources: Star Quality, Google Images, Miranda-Cosgrove.Us, Listal
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001-004: Shadia Simmons
005-016: Crystal Young
017-028: Jeffrey Donovan
029-042: Saoirse Ronan
043-058: Kristy Wu
059-075: Daniel Radcliffe
076-093: Kristen Bell
094-113: Abigail Breslin

Teasers: Shadia- Portrait 2 photo Portrait_zps50694fc3.png Kristy- Staircase 4 photo Staircase2_zps0eabb61c.png Abigail- Coat 2 photo Coat3_zpsd0ac261c.png

I can hear the echoes of the past )

~Pic Sources: Fabulous Abigail Breslin, Saoirse Ronan Fan, DanRadcliffeGallery.com, danielradcliffe.com, LGPedia, Kristen Bell Online, Teen Idols 4 You
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During my long, involuntary hiatus from the Internet, I became a bit...well, obsessed with the Memphis Grizzlies. Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably noticed. Having absolutely nothing to do, I needed something to cheer me up, and damn if they didn't do the trick. Dad and I have gone to occasional Grizzlies games for the last few years, but this was the season when I started doing my homework and paying attention and annoying anybody who will listen.

So now that I'm back on LiveJournal, of course I have to make a ridiculously long post telling you everything I know about my new favorite team. I wanted to get this done earlier, but haven't had a chance. As I type this introduction, I'm about 3 hours from going downtown to meet Dad and go to the first pre-season game, but we're still a week before the regular season starts, so I guess it's good timing.

So sit back and read on. I'll try to make this as painless as possible.

History Lesson )

The 10th Season )

Current Roster )

Coach )

The Owner )

Former Grizzlies )

The Grizzlies Foundation )

Mottos )

The Future
The Grizzlies have a squad of young, talented, hard-working players and a whole city of fans. We're gonna win it all. It's just a matter of when.
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But I only have space for 15 now, so what can you do? I had to prioritize. Anyway. More icons! (I told you they were coming soon.)

1-8: Jonathan Bennett
9-17: Denzel Washington
18-26: Kyle Gallner
27-37: Matt Damon
38-49: Tim McGraw
50-62: Topher Grace
63-76: George Clooney

Teasers: Jonathan- Gray Tim- Smile George- Reflection 2

Click for the pretty )

-Pic Credits: george-clooney.us, Topher Grace Daily, Kyle Gallner Online, Matt Damon Fan
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That's right, another one. Because redheads are beautiful and far too under-represented in Hollywood.

Notes )

10-1 )

Honorable Mentions )
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I don't want this to just be three cuts in a row, but I don't really know what to say here. Hmm.

Notes )

The List )

Honorable Mentions )

Keep in mind that, as always, this is only my highly uncultured OPINION. Please, share your thoughts.

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So. Back when Iran was starting to blow up and I was spending a lot of time at [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com], someone posted a link to the blog of a podcast called TV On The Internet. I became hooked. One of their more recent podcasts was "Top Ten Dramatic Performances of the Decade." Being a lover of all kinds of countdown lists, I decided that would be a good way to distract myself for a while. So I put together a list of my Ten Favorite performances in four different categories.

Then I forgot about the list for awhile. Today, I decided to make a couple of edits and finally post it. Here's Part One.

Notes )

The List )

Honorable Mentions )

Keep in mind, this is all my (highly uncultured) OPINION. I've only seen so many movies. Please, let me know what you think.

Hopefully will put together my other four lists soon. I should probably get some actual work done at the moment.

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Whyyyy is it so hoooooot?

Anyway. Icons. I really like this batch.

(Hey. Which of these is not like the others? LoL.)

1-11: Conan O'Brien
12-24: Amy Adams
25-39: Keira Knightley

Teasers: Actors,icons Actresses,icons Actresses,icons

cause mama, I'm sure hard to handle )

~Pic credits: www.keiraknightley.com, Amy Adams Web, conanchristopherobrien.com
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I need to change my layout. I love VM, but I'm kinda tired of this one.

New pics of Jackson will be coming soon, depending on when The Brother gets them developed.

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I am a lean, mean icon-making machine!

Okay, I'm not that lean. Or mean. But I am an icon-making machine.

1-9: Casey Affleck
10-18: Daniel Radcliffe (<3)
19-27: Ashley Olsen
28-37: Mary-Kate Olsen

(Disclaimer: I apparently have trouble telling Mary-Kate and Ashley apart, so if I miscredited either of them, I apologize.)

Teasers: Actors,icons Actors,icons Actresses,icons

all eyes on me/in the center of the ring )

~Pic credits: caseyaffleck.org, radlifemedia.net, olsen-fan.net, video.olympus.ru
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In other news, I got my Tax refund yesterday! So tomorrow I'm heading over to the bank. I'm gonna deposit most of it and spend a little on a couple of DVDs and books. Where I shop, it shouldn't cost too much.

And now I'm gonna go do something else that's not work.

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Coming down from ScriptFrenzy with some icon-making!

1-3: Steve Zahn
4-9: Amanda Bynes
10-16: Maxwell Glick
17-24: Becki Kregoski
25-32: Robert Downey, Jr.
33-41: Amanda Peet

Teasers: Actors Actresses Actresses,Amanda Peet,icons

We run on fumes )

Credits: LGPedia, Becki's MySpace, Max's MySpace, Google Image Search, Downey Unlimited, a-peet.com, bynes-source.net
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