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01-16: Corbin Bleu
17-34: Jessica Lee Rose
35-52: Mary Kate Wiles
53-74: Jessy Schram

Teasers: Corbin- Car photo Car_zpsa5c33d90.png Mary Kate- Dress photo Dress_zps523b52a5.png Jessy- Hands 5 photo Hands_zps12695a02.png

you sing to me over and over again )

-Pic Sources: Just Jessy Schram, LGPedia, Listal
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001-011: Maxwell Glick
012-023: Jackson Davis
024-036: Quvenzhane Wallis
037-050: Linus Roache
051-065: Coby Bell
066-082: Derek Luke
083-103: Miranda Cosgrove

Teasers: Maxwell- Headshot photo Headshot2_zpsee3ba4ed.png Coby- Black & White photo BlackWhite3_zpsaccb619a.png Miranda- Shorts 5 photo Shorts3_zps2c00509c.png

hopes can fail and dreams can fade )

~Pic Sources: Star Quality, Google Images, Miranda-Cosgrove.Us, Listal
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001-004: Shadia Simmons
005-016: Crystal Young
017-028: Jeffrey Donovan
029-042: Saoirse Ronan
043-058: Kristy Wu
059-075: Daniel Radcliffe
076-093: Kristen Bell
094-113: Abigail Breslin

Teasers: Shadia- Portrait 2 photo Portrait_zps50694fc3.png Kristy- Staircase 4 photo Staircase2_zps0eabb61c.png Abigail- Coat 2 photo Coat3_zpsd0ac261c.png

I can hear the echoes of the past )

~Pic Sources: Fabulous Abigail Breslin, Saoirse Ronan Fan, DanRadcliffeGallery.com, danielradcliffe.com, LGPedia, Kristen Bell Online, Teen Idols 4 You
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Hey guys remember how once every couple of decades I make some icons?

1-11: Sofia Vassilieva
12-26: Paula Patton
27-41: Alison Lohman
42-60: Michelle Rodriguez

Teasers: Sofia- Collar photo Collar_zpse82ea4c0.png Alison- Porch photo Porch2_zps42bb39f4.png Michelle- Jeans 5 photo Jeans_zps20a89f8d.png

she don't live here anymore )

~Pic Sources: Michelle-Rodriguez.com, Google Images, Teen Idols 4 You
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~Please credit if you snag!

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Hey, I like making icons. Can you tell?

1-10: Kat Dennings
11-21: Hayden Panettiere
22-33: Emma Stone
34-46: Natalie Portman
47-60: Emma Watson

Teasers: Kat- Seated Emma Stone- Window Emma Watson- Arms 4

hey, now, you're a rockstar )

~Pic Credits: Kat Dennings Online, HaydenImages.Com, Natalie-Portman.Org, Emma Stone Web, Emma-Watson.Net
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1-12: Jennette McCurdy
13-25: Anne Hathaway
26-39: Jennifer Lawrence
40-55: Carey Mulligan

Teasers: Jennette- Smile Jennifer- Look Carey- Wall 4

I ain't settlin' for anything less than everything )

~Pic Credits: annehathawayfan.com, carey-mulligan.net, jennettemccurdy.org, jennifer-lawrence.org
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But I only have space for 15 now, so what can you do? I had to prioritize. Anyway. More icons! (I told you they were coming soon.)

1-8: Jonathan Bennett
9-17: Denzel Washington
18-26: Kyle Gallner
27-37: Matt Damon
38-49: Tim McGraw
50-62: Topher Grace
63-76: George Clooney

Teasers: Jonathan- Gray Tim- Smile George- Reflection 2

Click for the pretty )

-Pic Credits: george-clooney.us, Topher Grace Daily, Kyle Gallner Online, Matt Damon Fan
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I've missed making icons. Can you tell?

1-8: Selena Gomez
9-21: Jessica Rose
22-34: Kimberly Williams-Paisley
35-48: Mandy Moore
49-62: Abigail Breslin
63-76: Miranda Cosgrove
77-96: Taylor Swift

Teasers: Selena- Couch Mandy- Hair 2 Taylor- Dark 2

I've clearly forgotten my roots, because this is not dial-up friendly )

-Pic Credits: Moore Central, www.taylorpictures.net, Selena Web, Fabulous Abigail Breslin, marvelous-miranda.com, Kimberly Williams Web, Fanpop
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More coming soon!

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That's right, another one. Because redheads are beautiful and far too under-represented in Hollywood.

Notes )

10-1 )

Honorable Mentions )
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Whyyyy is it so hoooooot?

Anyway. Icons. I really like this batch.

(Hey. Which of these is not like the others? LoL.)

1-11: Conan O'Brien
12-24: Amy Adams
25-39: Keira Knightley

Teasers: Actors,icons Actresses,icons Actresses,icons

cause mama, I'm sure hard to handle )

~Pic credits: www.keiraknightley.com, Amy Adams Web, conanchristopherobrien.com
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I need to change my layout. I love VM, but I'm kinda tired of this one.

New pics of Jackson will be coming soon, depending on when The Brother gets them developed.

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Icons! Featuring the cast of The Office. (I would've liked to include more solo cast members, but I couldn't find enough good pictures. *shrugs*)

1-7: John Krasinski
8-14: Rainn Wilson
15-22: Steve Carell
23-31: Jenna Fischer
32-45: Group

Teasers: Actors,icons Actors,icons icons

Look at what I'm doing and go tell somebody it! )

~Pic credits: SteveCarellOnline, Fan Pix, allstarpics.net, Jenna Fischer Fan, Fanpop
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I...should probably try to get some work done.

iwaskirsdarke: (GI- MaryAnnGinger)

1-9: Tina Fey
10-19: Amy Poehler
20-31: Baby Mama

Teasers: Actresses,icons Actresses,icons movies,icons

I was born to tell you I love you )

~Pic credits: Hot Flick, filmicafe.com, tina-fey.org, Amy Poehler Fan
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As promised- icons!

1-9: Amanda Seyfried
10-19: Danielle Panabaker
20-31: Kay Panabaker
32-43: Miley Cyrus

Teasers: Actresses,icons Actresses,icons,Kay Panabaker Actresses,icons,Miley Cyrus

you don't need the money when you look like that, do you, honey? )

~Pic credits: Kay-Cafe, Totally Kay, Danielle Panabaker Net, Miley Fans, Amanda Seyfried Fan
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So before posting my last icon entry, I checked my Friends List and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] (the birthday girl!) said people need to make more Mitchel Musso icons.

So we are.

clickety )

Probably not as good as Jo's, but hope you like them anyway.

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I am a lean, mean icon-making machine!

Okay, I'm not that lean. Or mean. But I am an icon-making machine.

1-9: Casey Affleck
10-18: Daniel Radcliffe (<3)
19-27: Ashley Olsen
28-37: Mary-Kate Olsen

(Disclaimer: I apparently have trouble telling Mary-Kate and Ashley apart, so if I miscredited either of them, I apologize.)

Teasers: Actors,icons Actors,icons Actresses,icons

all eyes on me/in the center of the ring )

~Pic credits: caseyaffleck.org, radlifemedia.net, olsen-fan.net, video.olympus.ru
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In other news, I got my Tax refund yesterday! So tomorrow I'm heading over to the bank. I'm gonna deposit most of it and spend a little on a couple of DVDs and books. Where I shop, it shouldn't cost too much.

And now I'm gonna go do something else that's not work.

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Coming down from ScriptFrenzy with some icon-making!

1-3: Steve Zahn
4-9: Amanda Bynes
10-16: Maxwell Glick
17-24: Becki Kregoski
25-32: Robert Downey, Jr.
33-41: Amanda Peet

Teasers: Actors Actresses Actresses,Amanda Peet,icons

We run on fumes )

Credits: LGPedia, Becki's MySpace, Max's MySpace, Google Image Search, Downey Unlimited, a-peet.com, bynes-source.net
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