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So...I guess I should do something with this. I really didn't intend to just dump it all and wander off, but that's what happens when you're fleeing on a moment's notice and then your computer goes down for four months.

Those who know me will know that is a more common occurance than it should be.

But that's the thing: nobody knows me here. I literally don't have any friends on this journal yet. But it feels like my old Livejournal, my old internet home-base that I've had since 2003. But it's not. There's a part of me that feels like this should be an official Introduction Post, while another part of me is thinking, "That's ridiculous. This is your place. Your entire history is here."

It doesn't help that I wasn't planning on adding anymore people to my LJ, either. I had more or less accepted the fact that LJ was dead, but I was content to be there, safe being a Friends Lock, where I could post my private thoughts and writing snippets and the only people who would see it were those who'd known me for years and years. But now that I've decided that I'm not okay with this gathering dust, I'm also not okay with being alone.

So. Wanna be friends?

What we can expect here: Well, towards the end of LJ I was posting a lot of week-in-review posts just to keep it going, so I'll probably be doing some version of that. (It might not be exactly once a week, though, since my routine has changed.) I also post a lot through Camp NaNo in March/April and NaNoWriMo in October/November, so you'll see a lot of my writing stuff then. (That's the main reason the place is Friends Locked.) There will also be snippets of my regular life, updates on my beloeved Memphis Grizzlies and probably a lot of politics talk, since that's what's taken over my Twitter in the last 8 months. (Super liberal Democrat/SJW here, but I'm not looking for a fight.)

If that's a ride you wanna come on, then comment below.


(I'm gonna have to get some new icons and update my profile at some point.)
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