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For being on a deserted island, Gilligan and the other castaways sure got a lot of visitors. Some of them arrived by accident, while others didn't. Some were friendly, while others weren't. But many of them were memorable.

The pictures were gathered from Uncharted Desert Isle and this Gilligan's Island Wiki that I didn't know existed.

10.) Jonathan Kincaid
 photo JonathanKincaid_zps0ed745c2.png
Episode: "The Hunter"
Actor: Rory Calhoun
Another awesome name. Unfortunately this guy is just a sadistic asshole. He makes for a very memorable episode, however.

9.) Lord Beasley Waterford
Lord Beasley Waterford photo LordBeasley_zps7476e0ed.jpg
Episode: "Man With a Net"
Actor: John McGiver
You have to admire the man's determination. Not so much him completely forgetting the seven people he left behind to die.

8.) Jackson Farrell
Jackson Farrell photo JacksonFarrell_zpsb0a35005.jpg
Episode: "Little Island, Big Gun"
Actor: Larry Storch (the one in the suit)
He has one of my favorite names ever, befitting the smooth motherfucker that he is. Totally unflappable, resourceful, ruthless, and a damn nice dresser.

7.) Native Family
Native Family photo NativeFamily_zps8029f1e5.png
Episode: "Gilligan's Mother-in-Law"
Played by: Henny Backus (Mother), Mary Foran (Daughter), Russ Grieve (Father)
Looking back at this series from 2014, the way they handle the natives is one of the most blatant signs of the period it was made in. (Notice that they don't even get proper names.) That's why I enjoy this episode. These people aren't superstitious savages who want to chop anybody's heads off or throw Mrs. Howell into a volcano. They're just a loving, peaceful family who want their daughter to be happy. And somehow they know Countess Theresa.

6.) Alexandri Gregor Dubov
Alexandri Gregor Dubov photo Dubov_zps1a524186.jpg
Episode: "Goodbye Old Paint"
Played by: Harold J. Stone
Crazy ego, with an accent to match. For my money, one of the most quotable characters on the show.
(Note: It says he was on the island 10 years, which means he was there with Wrongway Feldman and the Jungle Boy before the castaways. HOW ARE THEY NOT NOTICING ALL THESE PEOPLE?)

5.) El Presidente Hernando Gonzalez Enriques Rodriguez
El Presidente Rodriguez photo Rodriguez_zpsa22ba03e.png
Episode: "The Little Dictator"
Played by: Nehemiah Persoff
Total ham that he is, I actually find Rodriquez one of the scariest characters of the series, probably because he has a gun, some semblance of power, and no hesitation to use either of them. I also find it interesting that the episode makes a big point about how evil dictators are, and then everyone's super happy when he gets put back in power, because it means he can rescue them. Priorities.

4.) Dr. Boris Balinkoff & Igor
Dr. Boris Balinkoff photo DrBorisBalinkoff_zps8d7b4852.png
Episodes: "The Friendly Physician" & "Ring Around Gilligan"
Played by: Vito Scotti (Dr. Balinkoff) & Mike Mazurki (Igor; replaced in the second episode by a monkey)
A perfectly sane and friendly doctor and cape enthusiast with a really nice house, a Draculan accent and a really tall...friend. Is totally not a mad scientist. Promise, you guys. Why would you even think that?

3.) Erika Tiffany-Smith
Erika Tiffany Smith photo ErikaTiffanySmith_zps2ea4f5b0.png
Episode: "Erika Tiffany-Smith to the Rescue"
Played by: Zsa-Zsa Gabor
I forgot until this re-watch how much I liked Erika Tiffany-Smith. (I also have no idea it there's supposed to be a hyphen or where it's supposed to go. Just humor me.) She's actually kind of awesome. She's a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it: the island, the Professor, Mrs. Howell's jugular. But when it becomes clear that she and the Professor aren't meant to be, she ends it amicably. She charms and smiles her way through her day on the island, before leaving and actually, for reals trying to get the castaways rescued. As far as I know, they're still trying to decipher her logbook to this day.

2.) The Jungle Boy
Jungle Boy photo JungleBoy_zps12f29084.jpg
Episode: "Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy"
Played by: Kurt Russell
Jungle Boy + Gilligan = Adorable BFFs 4-eva!

1.) Wrongway Feldman
Wrongway Feldman photo WrongwayFeldman_zps63b1f4b5.png
Episodes: "Wrongway Feldman" & "The Return of Wrongway Feldman"
Played by: Hans Conreid
Oh, Wrongway. I don't know how they missed you for the first month, but oh, I'm so happy they found you. You were really cool and entertaining for your first episode, until you came back as a jerk, and ended up in what sure looks like Hawaii to me, and forgot all about the castaways. Seriously, dude, just ask one of the hula dancers if they have a phone or something.

Honorable Mention: Eva Grubb- "All About Eva" is not my favorite of the doppelganger trilogy, but I enjoy the fact that Eva goes home to take over Ginger's career for anywhere from six months to fifteen years (depending on whether you count the movies as canon), and nobody ever mentions it again. Negative Continuity is a harsh mistress.

Honorable Mention: Santa Claus- The big guy comes in at the end of season one's lame Christmas/flashback episode "Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk" to remind the castaways how lucky they are, and then rides off on his sleigh, leaving them there to die without even any presents. Fuck you, Santa.

Honorable Mention: Kalani- Season three's "Slave Girl" has all the unfortunate implications that usually come when the show deals with natives, but I couldn't help but find Kalani to be absolutely charming, and her affection for Gilligan very endearing.

As always, this is just my opinion. I know there are some I left off that might be missed. Comment and let me know what your favorites are!


Date: 2014-08-04 05:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sallycandance.livejournal.com
Yeah, the Jungle Boy is really my favourite - he and Gilligan are epic BFFness.

It's a gorgeous list you've created - and I didn't know about the Wiki page either, so cheers! I've added that to my Gilligan's Island bookmark folder ^.^

I've always preferred the episodes with no guest stars, no matter what show. I'm just weird that way. When I di rewatches, it's usually episodes with only the core cast, to the point that I sometimes forget certain people exist. I had, for instance, utterly forgotten Erika Tiffany Smith... tsk...

Date: 2014-08-04 03:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kirsdarke.livejournal.com
Jungle Boy could've easily been #1. They are just the most adorable pair. I have a soft spot for Wrongway, for whatever reason, but the top 4 were all pretty close.


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